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It’s OK to go round in circles

I was recently with a Member company, and they were debating whether or not they should set a target for staff recruitment over the upcoming year. They wanted to grow as a business, and associated this with an increase in

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Team Coach Vacancy

Job title: Team Coach Salary: Circa £33,000 per annum Reporting to: HR & Operations Location: Remote (within the UK) with regular travel throughout the UK and some international trave WHY YOU SHOULD WORK WITH US As we continue to successfully grow

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Top 5 Software for Scaling your business

Jim Collins, in his famous and recently-updated book ‘Beyond Entrepreneurship’, introduces a compelling model for what’s required to grow a business: A high-level, emotive Vision that will inspire the team. Clear Strategies, to map out a path to that Vision, and a competitive

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The secret to driving sales using customer feedback

The Problem In 2019, Hubspot ran a survey to understand how and whether companies collect customer feedback. It’s noticeable that 42% of companies don’t track customer feedback at all. This corresponds with the data we’ve found at Scale Coach. We regularly run

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Why it sucks to be coached

Why it sucks to be coached A CEO I work with asked me the other day ‘how is [another CEO I work with] getting on?’ The uncomfortable answer was that I am no longer working with him. Why? Because it

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COVID19 workplace

The revolution hitting UK workplaces

We recently ran a research programme, to understand what the ‘new normal’ means for high-growth companies. We interviewed a dozen mid-sized company CEO’s asking them about how COVID-19 had impacted their businesses and markets. The most interesting insights were regarding

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business response strategies

Effective COVID19 business response strategies

Business owners around the world are asking themselves right now – ‘How should I respond to COVID-19?’ I spent 15 years in China, and have followed events very closely, to analyse and learn from winning strategies there. China was the

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The four stages of reaction to COVID19

If you want to see what will happen next with Coronavirus, look East. China was the first country hit by the epidemic, and so have already experienced the stages of what happens as it plays out. I lived in China

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Lockdown as an autistic entrepreneur

I’m a 42 year-old with autism, and have been a reasonably successful entrepreneur for over 10 years now, growing and selling one multi-million £ business, and in the process of growing another. Things were going well for me, until coronavirus

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