What Scale Delivers

For entrepreneurial companies to grow, they face a common set of challenges:

  1. The team needs to be aligned around a common Strategy, including long-term vision and market positioning, and Culture.  

  2. The strategy and Culture have to be delivered through short-term sprints and objectives. 

  3. Habits and routines of discipline and accountability must be put in place in order to deliver on these change initiatives.


Scale combines the leading Business Operating System tools of Scaling Up, with world-class software (monday.com) to deliver for entrepreneurial companies:


Alignment | Execution | Engagement | Growth  


For a company to grow there must be agreement, at its heart, on direction. Most teams are more aligned than they realise, and differences are usually of perspective, experience, and information. ‘Alignment’ is a process where the team share their perspectives and experiences and create one common direction. Intelligent people presented with the same information will reach the same conclusions. However, ‘Agreement’ does not mean consensus, it’s not the half-way point between different positions, it’s finding the one right answer, together.
Scale will take you through a process to ensure there is alignment on important questions such as key target customers, strategic positioning, culture, and the future of the business. This is all recorded into a Strategic Plan – visible to all – that then drives key initiatives in the business.
Our coaches do not tell you the answers to these questions, they use tools and exercises to facilitate you to finding your right answers. They will meet you where you’re at – if you have the answer to something already, we won’t change it, and if something takes multiple rounds to get nailed down, then that’s what we do.


Once direction is agreed, it must be delivered. This requires the adoption of certain habits and disciplines that have been proven to work. At a basic level, it means recording detailed plans & actions, and consistently referencing them to completion. It means finding effective ways to hold yourselves to account, to maintain communication, and to get unstuck when inevitable challenges arise.
With Scale Coach, we become your execution trainers and accountability partners. We sit behind your habits to keep you on track. This includes leading Quarterly Planning sessions, coaching team members to deliver on their priorities, and ensuring that habits such as Daily Huddles and team sprints  are effective.
We will not instruct you to get things done we, we will help you to find the motivation and rhythms so that you can do it. Through experience share, encouragement, and effective use of software, we ensure that your plan gets delivered.


Team engagement means the difference between a business that both feels good to work in and gets things done, and one that is frustrating and failing. For a team to be engaged, people need to believe in what they’re doing, operate in a culture that fits, have demotivating work taken away, and believe that performance (good and bad) will have meaningful consequences. Most importantly, people need to feel that their voice is really heard, and that they have a part in setting the direction of the ship.
Scale’s coaches facilitate you through exercises to deliver an operating system for the business that ensures engagement. Engagement is not just about rousing speeches, much of it is very practical, and involves establishing norms and systems that create clarity, fairness and accountability. Good people want to contribute, and have that contribution clearly demonstrated and recognized.
Our coaches work 1:1 and with groups to both teach and support the implementation of tools and guide the team in their group dynamics and relationships. We are not there to mediate conflict or judge team members, but we do provide observations on team dynamics and how they can be improved.


Unlocking growth in a company is a complex art. A company is a complicated system where any element may be a choke point. According to The Theory of Constraints, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, so finding the weakest link is key.
A coach is an unbiased observer who helps you draw out where focus needs to be applied to create growth. Scale Coaches are all successful entrepreneurs who have gone through this process many times in their own companies and with others.
Our coaches like to work with teams that have a good reason for growing, who believe in what they’re doing, and are looking for help to accelerate or unblock that process.

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Scale Solutions

Scale help teams in several types of situations, and our solutions are tailored to match each one. Some companies incorporate a mix of several of these elements.

Late-stage entrepreneur

Get the team and structure in place to step back.


Develop business skills in the leadership team to step away from front-line client work.

Family businesses

Group companies

Align strategy and operating standards across a portfolio or group of businesses.

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