The Scale Solutions

Scale help teams in several types of situations, and our solutions are tailored to match each one. Some companies incorporate a mix of several of these elements.

Late-stage entrepreneurs

You’ve been running the business for many years and are looking to take a step back or exit within the next few years. You have a great leadership team, but they need help to really step up and take the business forward. You must agree with them a clear direction and future for the business, and require a means to maintain influence and control even if you’re not going to be around each day.
  • Developing and growing the team, so they can step up, through putting in the accountability and management tools they need
  • 1:1 coaching and training of leadership skills
  • Establishing a planning system that allows the leadership team to take the business in a pre-approved direction, whilst maintaining transparency and opportunity for guidance


You’re a team of experts who’ve built the business based on your vocational expertise. You think of yourselves primarily in terms of your technical roles ( ‘psychologist’, dentist’, ‘lawyer’) rather than as business unit functional leaders (‘sales’, ‘marketing’, ‘operations’), but you have the aspiration to create and develop those functions within the business.
  • Providing business expertise, to support building up specialist business functional units.
  • Providing the leadership team the business best practice and confidence to run those functions effectively.
  • Running planning and strategy sessions, because leadership may still be focused on market and client activities.

Family Businesses

The company is run by a post-founding generation of leaders, with a management team that comprising family and non-family members. The business is well-established, and the current generation are keen to deliver early levels of growth.
  • Alignment amongst key stakeholders, especially family members, to ensure a consistency strategy for growth.
  • A planning system that demonstrates to all stakeholderstransparency and delivery of approved direction
  • Clear accountability to show who and where performance is coming from

Group Companies

The business covers a Group of portfolio of companies. This may be an investment portfolio, or a tighter group of associated companies working with and adding value to each other. The challenge is to provide to each business with oversight and strategic guidance, as well as empowering and educating entity leaders to run their business units.
  • Strategies that accurately balance the benefits of consistent Group strategy, with individual entity market dynamics.
  • A common operating system for all Group entities, so that everyone is using common best practices, tools, and terminology
  • The process to cascade and coordinate planning across the group.

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