Case Study

The support of Scale through the pandemic has helped us to get through this, to change and to shape a new business for the future.

Binna Kandola,
Senior Partner. 
Who are they?

Pearn Kandola (PK) are one of the worlds’ leading Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I) consultancies, established for over 35 years. Their business psychologists increase performance of teams around the world through improving their diversity and inclusivity. 

What Challenges and Opportunities did they face?

When Scale first started working with PK, the business was in a healthy state, but faced challenges to scaling further. 

  • Leadership team stuck in the business. As a team of owner / operator Partners, growth in the business was held back by the leadership team not having capacity to develop the business, as they were spending much of their time selling and delivering client work. 
  • Lack of recurring revenue. The business model consisted of selling work ‘by the hour’, typically for one off projects. 
  • Development of Digital. A key Brand Promise of PK is to be able to reach all the team members at a client, but this goal required the development of digital delivery solutions. 

What did Scale help them to achieve?

PK is now significantly a more valuable business, because Scale have supported the team to deliver: 

  • >50% increase in topline sales. Achieved through the removal of capacity bottlenecks, particularly in the management team, the creation of specialist functional departments, and a shift to an associates delivery model. 
  • Recurring revenue products. PK are first to market in their industry with a certification course for leaders, which includes tiered package pricing, and recurring revenue component. This was made possible through the development of digital products, created by a new, specialist department. 

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