Case Study

 Scale helped us to focus on and deliver our big strategic gamble, which is now paying off and transforming into growth. It has been a mix of work on strategy, culture, and our sense of purpose.

Tim O’Brien,
Metasphere CEO.
Who are they?

Metasphere are a leading UK telemetry company, producing equipment and solutions for utilities such as water and waste water networks to monitor flow so reduce spills and leaks and protect infrastructure. 

What Challenges and Opportunities did they face?

 New technologies provided the opportunity for disruption: 

  • Lower cost sensors 
  • Big data and machine learning 

Combined, these provided the opportunity for Metasphere to develop and sell a new generation solution – large networks of simple sensors harnessing the power of ML to predict and better manage network flow. 

What did Scale help them achieve?

 Over a period of 2 years, Scale supported Metasphere to be first to market in this new generation technology, now in trial around the world. This was achieved through: 

  • Significant improvement in R&D cycle times and output through overhaul of the tech dev processes. 
  • Maintaining focus on the development, trial, and marketing of the new product, in order to be first to market. 

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