When the Scale System will work for you?

We understand what it’s like to be in the thick of it, and the challenges that come with running your business. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We can help you step back, work less and get more from your business, and from life. We’ve helped dozens of teams increase sales, profitability and engagement and we can do the same for you.

When our coaching will work for you

“I’ve had a tough year and growth doesn’t seem like an option.”

You need to flip decline to growth

You need a system to capitalise on opportunity and focus on growth.
“The team are going in different directions; we’re not joined up.”

You need to align

We can guide key stakeholders to agree on a common direction, make a plan, have a system, and stick to it.
“We need the leadership team engaged and excited with our vision.”

You’re stuck in the business

The leadership team need to step up, so that you can step back from working in the business day-to-day.
“I’m ready to sell, but my business isn’t worth what I thought it was.”

You’re preparing for exit

It’s time to think about legacy and getting the business ready to pass on for future growth.
“We keep setting strategies, but struggle to execute them.”

You need a strong process

Your business has grown to incorporate different units. We can help you define a strong process to manage the complexity of strategy and planning.

Each situation is unique, but there are common patterns in how our coaches engage with teams:



Setting the strategy, aligning on direction


Improved capacity

Prioritising strategy and clearing issues that are getting in the way



Focusing on opportunities for growth, and embedding habits


Shareholder value

Once the company is growing well, stepping back from operations, to focus on building shareholder value

Outcomes of implementing the Scale System

It’s true when they say that you don’t know what you don’t know. How can you? It can be hard to understand what a coach is going to show you when you haven’t experienced it yet.

Being in control and being more comfortable

We’re not going to tell you what to do. Coaching is about focusing on the right questions to help you develop your own answers. Our coaches are happy to offer advice, suggestions and lived experiences when asked, but they won’t make the decisions for you. Coaching helps you take back control and feel more comfortable making tough, necessary decisions. 
Last year we helped our members take back control, with an 18% average growth in profitability. 

Having a life outside of your business

It’s easy for the boundaries between work and life to blur, especially when so much of the vision and strategy is in your head. By helping you set a direction and embed it within the team, we’ll help you share the burden and give you the space to step back, take stock and rework your work/life balance. 
An engaged team allows you to share the burden of business challenges. In 2020 we increased team engagement by an average of 46%. 

Running the business, not letting it run you

Having systems and a strategy in place and creating and embedding habits, so that you’re in control. Running the business doesn’t mean doing it all. 
You can do less and have more. In 2020 our members were able to take a step back, and step away with a combined sales of over £500 million. 

Having time, and better planning your time

We know teams are busy, and no one needs another ‘thing’. Think of Stephen Covey’s ‘Sharpen the saw’ – If you want to saw wood more quickly, you have to stop sawing and sharpen your saw. It’ll take time upfront, but the payoff will be huge. 
“If you’re considering using Scale don’t wait any longer, improvement happens so quickly.” 
Jon Dolding 
Director/Owner, CDL 

Having the tools that you need

You might not know the answer, but you have a tool that can help you find it, for each problem area of the business and at each stage and size. 
Our tools helped our members grow in 2020, with an average of 21% growth in sales. 

Having a team of experts by your side

We know it can feel like you’re on when facing business challenges, but with our coaching you’re not alone. We’re in it together, and we want to see your business grow. 
“The support of Scale through the pandemic has helped us to get through this, to change and to shape a new business for the future.” 
Binna Kandola 
Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola 

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